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Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine


Input Capacity500kg/h1000kg/h1500kg/h2000kg/h3000kg/h
Required Space42m×10m×6m50m×15m×6m55m×16m×6m60m×18m×6m100m×20m×6m
Operators3-5 people6-8 people7-9 people8-10 people10-12 people
Installation Power150kW250kW370kW450kW750kW
Water Circulation(T/H)23345



The Complete plastic bottle recycling machine is a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to enhance their plastic bottle recycling operations. This fully automated system transforms baled PET bottles into high-quality, contaminant-free PET flakes. These flakes can be sold at a premium to polyester staple fiber manufacturers or pelletized into granules for other PET product manufacturing.


Working Principle

Our plastic bottle recycling machine is a series of interconnected plastic recycling machines. It starts with a Debaler Machine that breaks compacted bales of PET bottles into a free-flowing stream. An optional Trommel, a rotating tunnel lined with small holes, separates contamination from the PET bottles. The Wet Plastic Granulator cuts the PET bottles into small flakes, while the Air Classifier removes lighter materials like paper, cardboard, and plastic labels. The Sink/Float Separation Tank separates PET plastic from floating materials like bottle labels and caps. The Hot Washer System dissolves glues and residues, and the Friction Washer uses cold water and friction to remove dirt and debris. The Dewatering Machine and Thermal Dryer remove water from the PET flakes, preparing them for storage in the Product Silo.

Technical Specifications

Our plastic bottle recycling machine produces high-quality PET flakes that meet the following benchmarks:

  • Moisture: < 1-2%
  • Bulk Density: < 0.3G/CM3
  • Total Impurity: < 320ppm
  • PVC Content: < 100ppm
  • Metal Content: < 20ppm
  • PE/PP Content: < 200ppm
  • Particle Size: < 14-16mm

Warranty & Installation

All our recycling machinery comes with a limited warranty. We offer installation packages where our engineers guide you through the installation process. Routine maintenance teams and operations consultants can be arranged to ensure your PET recycling plant runs smoothly year after year.

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All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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