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Friction Screw Washer


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In today’s competitive market, ensuring the cleanliness and quality of recycled plastic materials is imperative for any recycling business. Here’s where the Friction Screw Washer comes into play, a cost-effective solution specifically engineered for the cleaning and transportation of plastic flakes, films, and regrind materials between machinery. This machine is designed along the lines of the high-speed friction washer system, albeit at a more budget-friendly price point. The primary cleaning mechanism here is the friction generated between materials, effectively scrubbing off dirt and other unwanted contaminants.

Working Principle:

At the heart of the Friction Screw Washer lies a rotor adorned with numerous slanted paddles. Once set in motion, the rotor spins at a brisk pace of around 500-600 RPM, inducing the plastic materials inside to vigorously scrub against one another. Concurrently, water is sprayed through the filter nets, leading to the thorough separation and removal of soil, sand, and other contaminations.

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Product Features:

Continuous Operation:
The Friction Screw Washer is built for uninterrupted operation, thus ensuring a constant flow of cleaned materials from one machinery to the next, augmenting the efficiency of your recycling process.

Water Inlet and Drainage Outlet:
Strategically positioned, the water inlet at the top and a draining outlet at the bottom facilitate the automatic drainage of wastewater with impurities, thereby minimizing manual intervention and maintaining a clean operational environment.

Optimal Cleaning with Special Water Spraying Design:
The unique water spraying design, coupled with the high-speed running screw, guarantees an exemplary cleaning effect. This feature ensures that the recycled plastic materials are free from contaminants, ready for further processing.

User-Friendly Operation:
Operating the Friction Screw Washer is a breeze. Its intuitive design ensures ease of use and maintenance, making it a practical choice for recycling facilities of all sizes.

The Friction Screw Washer stands as a testament to economical yet effective cleaning and transporting solutions in the recycling industry. Its robust design, coupled with the friction-based cleaning principle, makes it a valuable asset for achieving superior cleaning performance without breaking the bank. By investing in a Friction Screw Washer, you are not only enhancing the cleanliness and quality of your recycled materials but also boosting the overall productivity and profitability of your recycling operations.


All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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