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PET Bottle Washing Line


Input Capacity500 kg/h1000 kg/h1500 kg/h2000 kg/h
Dimension [LxWxH]45mx15mx6m50mx15mx6m55mx16mx6m60mx18mx6m
Operators4-5 people5-6 people6-8 people8-10 people
Installation Power180KW299KW370KW450KW


Product Description

Introducing our PET Bottle Washing Line, a complete solution for transforming dirty PET bottles into clean, ready-to-use PET flakes. This state-of-the-art machine is fully automatic, with each piece of recycling machinery interconnected via belt or screw conveyors. The entire washing line is controlled via a central electric control panel and cabinet, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.

Working Principle

Our PET Bottle Washing Line operates on a simple yet effective principle. The process begins with the debaling of PET bottles, breaking them down into a free-flowing stream. The bottles are then cut into flakes using a wet granulator, and these flakes are washed to remove impurities. The clean flakes are then dried using a high-speed dewatering machine and a thermal dryer. The final product is clean, dry PET flakes ready for further processing or production.

Technical Specifications

Our PET Bottle Washing Line comes with a range of technical specifications, including:

  • Input Capacity: 500-4000 kg/h
  • Required Space: Varies depending on capacity
  • Installation Power: 198-730KW
  • Water Circulation: 2-5 T/H
  • PET Flake Quality: Moisture < 1%, Bulk density < 0.3G/CM3, Total impurity < 100ppm, PVC content < 40ppm, Metal content < 10ppm, PE/PP content < 50ppm, Particle size < 14-16mm



Installation & Warranty

Our PET Bottle Washing Line comes with a standard installation package. Our engineers will travel to your facility to install the washing line for you. We also offer routine maintenance and operations consulting to ensure your PET recycling line runs smoothly year after year. All machinery and parts are warranted against manufacturer defects and come with a 1-year limited warranty.


All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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