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Wet Plastic Bottle Label Removal



In the bustling realm of recycling, every innovation that augments efficiency is a significant stride forward. Our Wet Plastic Bottle Label Remover is one such groundbreaking machinery, crafted meticulously to eradicate over 95% of labels from whole plastic bottles. Utilizing water as the primary medium, this machine does not just strip off the labels, but also cleans the bottles simultaneously, paving the path for an enhanced PET bottle recycling operation.

Working Principle:

The core of our Wet Plastic Bottle Label Remover houses robust, jagged knives that function like claws, slicing and tearing the labels off the plastic bottles. These imported alloy knives, copper welded onto a medium spinning rotor, are angled precisely to propel the bottles forward, ensuring thorough label removal. Contrasting the traditional label removal methods where air is used to blow away the labels, our wet label remover employs a stream of water, achieving a dual purpose of label removal and bottle cleaning. The cut labels are then funneled into a collection chute, while the now clean bottles move on for further processing. To maintain the efficiency of the operation, the knives require occasional removal, sharpening, and replacement, ensuring the machine continues to function at its optimal capacity.

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Transforming PET Bottle Recycling:

Traditionally, recycling operations initiate with feeding whole plastic bottles into a plastic granulator sans label removal, resulting in a mix of PET flakes, shredded labels, and bottle caps. The subsequent separation of these materials can be a cumbersome task, often necessitating multiple machines. Our Wet Plastic Bottle Label Remover introduces a paradigm shift by advocating for label removal at the outset. By achieving over 95% label removal in a single step, this machine significantly refines the quality of PET flakes in your output stream, even if your current operation involves shredding the plastic bottles whole.


  • Enhanced Recycling Efficiency: The Wet Plastic Bottle Label Remover is a game-changer in amplifying the purity of your PET flake output, thereby boosting the overall efficiency of your recycling operation.
  • Increased Capacity: By integrating this machine, you are set to experience an uptick in the capacity of your PET bottle washing line, making your recycling process more robust and streamlined.
  • Dual Action: The simultaneous label removal and bottle cleaning action of this machine not only simplifies the recycling process but also saves time and resources, contributing to a more eco-friendly and economical operation.
  • Optimal Performance: Although the knives necessitate periodic maintenance, the enhanced performance and the quality of output significantly outweigh this minor upkeep, making it a worthy addition to your recycling line-up.

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Our Wet Plastic Bottle Label Remover is more than just a machine; it’s a testament to innovative recycling solutions aimed at propelling your PET bottle recycling operation to new heights of efficiency and quality. By investing in this remarkable machinery, you are not merely upgrading your equipment but are taking a giant leap towards a more sustainable and profitable recycling venture.


All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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