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Hot Washer System


Model #:Main Motor Power:Shaft Rotation Speed:Boiler Material:Conveyor Power:Conveyor Speed:
ZG17007.5KW20 RPMType 304
Stainless Steel
3.7KW/H20-80 RPM
Frequency Controlled


In the ever-evolving domain of recycling, achieving impeccable cleanliness of materials is paramount for a high-quality output. Our traditional hot washer system emerges as a cornerstone in this endeavor, engineered meticulously to combat stubborn contaminations like glues, oils, greases, and remnants of foods/liquids. Particularly in PET bottle recycling, the hot water washing process spearheaded by our system is a crucial pathway to obtaining premium “hot washed” PET flakes, a commodity highly prized in the recycling market.

Working Principle:

Diverging from the conventional hot water washers, our system boasts a unique design where a large auger propels plastic flakes horizontally through a boiling water bath. This design is not merely about moving the material through; it’s about ensuring thorough cleaning. The auger is perforated with holes, enabling it to spray hot water onto the plastic flakes from within, ensuring a comprehensive wash. Enveloping this screw auger is a mesh screen tunnel, which catches and collects contaminants as they fall through, thereby ensuring that only cleaned materials proceed to the next stage.

Hot Washer System-02

Versatile Applications:

While it’s a titan in PET bottle recycling, the prowess of our hot washer system doesn’t end there. It’s equally adept in HDPE bottle recycling and plastic film recycling, showcasing its versatility. Moreover, in any washing application where sterilization is paramount, our hot washer system stands ready to deliver impeccable results.


  • Superior Cleaning Efficiency: The hot washer system is your ally against the most stubborn contaminants, ensuring a pristine material output ready for further processing or market.
  • Energy-Efficient Design: The design of our hot washer system is not just about cleaning; it’s about cleaning efficiently. The direct spray of hot water from the auger onto the plastic ensures effective cleaning with optimized energy utilization.
  • Versatile Applications: Whether it’s PET or HDPE bottles, plastic films, or other materials requiring a thorough wash and sterilization, our hot washer system is up to the task.
  • Enhanced Material Value: By significantly upgrading the cleanliness and purity of recycled materials, our hot washer system plays a pivotal role in enhancing the market value of your output, paving the way for better profitability.
  • Robust and Reliable Performance: Built to endure, our hot washer system promises a long operational lifespan with minimal maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free operation and excellent return on investment.

Our hot washer system is more than just a piece of machinery; it’s a significant stride towards achieving superior recycling efficiency and output quality. By integrating this system into your recycling operations, you are not only ensuring top-notch material cleanliness but also propelling your venture towards better profitability and a sustainable future.


All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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