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Wet Plastic Granulator Machine

Technical Specifications:

ModelRotor DiameterRotor WidthRotating SpeedApprox. OutputMotor Power
SWHB600-W⌀450mm600mm400-600 rpm300 kg/h37KW
SWHB800-W⌀500mm800mm400-600 rpm600 kg/h45KW
SWHB1000-W⌀600mm1000mm400-600 rpm900 kg/h75KW
SWHB1200-W⌀700mm1200mm400-600 rpm1200 kg/h90KW


In the competitive sphere of plastic recycling, innovation is the linchpin for enhanced efficiency and quality output. Our Wet Plastic Granulator Machine emerges as a triumph of engineering, offering an upgraded version of the conventional plastic granulators with a splash of innovation. Tailored for cutting plastic bottles, films, and rigids, this machine integrates water into the granulation process, not only ensuring precise cutting but also initiating the cleaning phase right from the get-go.

Working Principle:

At the heart of our Wet Plastic Granulator Machine lies an open rotor, armed with ultra-durable D2 (equivalent to SDK11) high-carbon, high-chromium steel knives. Depending on the material to be processed, the knives are arranged either in a double-scissor cut or a v-shape array. As the rotor whirls between 400-600 rpm, the rotor knives engage with stationary knives within the cutting chamber, commencing the granulation process. Water, introduced at the rear, is sprayed onto the plastic as it’s being cut. This harmonious dance of water and blades continues until the plastic pieces are small enough to pass through a screen filter. The standard screen filter size ranges between 10mm – 100mm, albeit customizable to meet specific requirements.

Wet Plastic Granulator Machine-03


  • Preliminary Cleaning: The water not only aids in the granulation but also loosens dirt and contaminants, paving the way for subsequent cleaning stages.
  • Enhanced Lubrication: Water acts as a natural lubricant for the blades, minimizing friction and heat build-up, thus extending the life of the blades and the machine.
  • Dust Reduction: The wet granulation process significantly curtails dust build-up, providing a cleaner and safer working environment.
  • Improved Durability: The lesser wear and tear on the machine translate to longer operational times before maintenance is needed, ensuring continuous workflow.


The versatility of our Wet Plastic Granulator Machine extends across a spectrum of plastic recycling operations. Be it grinding plastic bottles, buckets, films, or other small-sized rigid plastics, this machine is up to the task, promising a seamless transition from large plastic items to finely granulated plastic ready for further processing.


Plastic Granulators Vs. Shredder Machines:

While often used interchangeably, granulators and shredders serve distinct purposes. Granulators excel at cutting smaller-sized plastics into flakes and fine regrinds. On the other hand, shredders are adept at handling large-sized, tough plastics, breaking them down into smaller pieces which can then be further refined by granulators.

Investing in our Wet Plastic Granulator Machine is not merely an equipment upgrade; it’s a strategic move towards improved durability, reduced maintenance, and ultimately, more substantial long-term savings for your business. With this machine, you’re not just grinding plastic; you’re embarking on a journey of efficient and effective plastic recycling, setting a solid foundation for a greener and more sustainable operation.


All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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