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Tackling Agri-Film Pollution: Eco-Friendly Plastic Recycling Solutions


Agricultural film, an essential component in agricultural production, has proven to be a blessing for farmers globally. It plays a pivotal role in elevating ground temperature, preserving soil moisture, and fostering seed germination. Nonetheless, the widespread utilisation of these films, predominantly composed of polyethylene, has given rise to substantial environmental concerns. These polymer compounds pose a degradation challenge, resulting in the deterioration of soil structure and a decline in crop yield and quality. This article delves into how plastic recycling machines, especially those crafted by Zhangjiagang Rumtoo Machinery Co., Ltd., are paving the way for eco-friendly solutions to agri-film pollution and fostering sustainable agricultural development.

The Challenge of Agricultural Film Pollution

The increasing use of agricultural films has led to a paradoxical situation. On one hand, they have significantly boosted agricultural output, providing substantial benefits to farmers. On the other hand, they have led to severe ecological pollution, threatening sustainable development1. The challenge lies in finding a balance between these two aspects, and plastic recycling machines may hold the key.

The Dilemma of Agricultural Film Pollution

The escalating usage of agricultural films has resulted in a paradoxical scenario. While they have augmented agricultural production and yielded immense benefits for farmers, they have also induced severe environmental pollution, jeopardising sustainable development. Striking a balance between these contrasting facets is imperative, and plastic recycling machines may be the linchpin.

The Resolution: Plastic Recycling Machines

Machines for plastic recycling, such as those engineered by Zhangjiagang Rumtoo Machinery Co., Ltd., are emerging as a beacon of hope in addressing agricultural film pollution. These advanced machines undergo a sequence of operations including shredding, crushing, cleansing, friction washing, dehydration, and drying, transforming waste agricultural film into pristine and dry plastic film fragments. These fragments are then ready to be channelled into a double-stage plastic granulator for reuse.

The Repercussions of Recycling Agricultural Film

The strategy of recycling and reutilising agricultural film has surfaced as a pivotal approach to safeguard agricultural progression and endorse environmental well-being. The avant-garde waste film cleaning and granulation solutions conceived by Rumtoo Machinery are tailored to tackle the distinct issue of plastic film cleaning and granulation. They are apt for diverse film wastes such as agricultural film, mulch film, and woven bags, with a thickness ranging from 1-25 mm.

The Prospective Developments in Plastic Recycling Machines

With the rising demand for ecological environment management, addressing the pollution caused by waste agricultural film is indispensable. Rumtoo Machinery’s comprehensive solution amalgamates crushing, cleaning, and dehydration to ensure efficient film recycling and resource regeneration. This innovative solution not only mitigates the industry’s challenge of film pollution recycling but also aids in the global regeneration of farm film.


In a world grappling with plastic waste challenges, plastic recycling machines are emerging as a symbol of hope. By converting waste into a valuable resource, these machines hold immense potential in championing sustainable development and preserving our planet.


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