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Horizontal Debaler Machine



Product Description

Introducing our Horizontal Debaler Machine, a cornerstone in the realm of Plastic Recycling Machines. This machine is specifically designed to handle the first step in our standard HDPE & PET bottle washing line, breaking apart loosened bales of compacted rigid plastics into a free-flowing stream.

Product Functionality

Our Horizontal Debaler Machine is an essential component in any efficient recycling operation. It is designed to “bust” plastic bales of rigid plastics like HDPE and PET bottles apart, allowing the material to flow freely onto conveyors and into our recycling machines. This automation significantly increases efficiency and lowers operation costs, especially considering the high cost of manual labor in today’s market.

Working Principle

The working principle of our Horizontal Debaler Machine is simple yet effective. After the wires of the bales are cut, the plastic remains compacted together. Instead of manually pulling the plastics apart bit by bit, the debaler machine uses rotating hooks to grapple and loosen the compacted plastic, allowing it to fall freely onto the conveyor below. Please note that our debaler machines are not suitable for opening bales of plastic film as the loosened film will tangle and damage the machine. For breaking plastic film bales, we suggest using a single-shaft plastic shredder.

Technical Specifications

Please refer to the Technical Specifications on our website for detailed information about the Horizontal Debaler Machine.


Horizontal Debaler Machine-02

In conclusion, our Horizontal Debaler Machine is a crucial part of any efficient and cost-effective plastic recycling operation. It is designed to handle rigid plastics and significantly reduces the manual labor required in the recycling process.


All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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