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Eddy Current Separator


Model #:LXJ-850
Conveyor Power:1.5KW
Plastic Drum:⌀320mm x 1000mm
Belt Length:1800mm
Belt Material:PVC
Belt Speed:20-120 RPM
Inner Roter Power:5.5KW
Magnetic Rotation Drum:⌀320mm x 930mm
Surface Magnetic Flux:6000GS


In the bustling domain of recycling, the role of effective separation technologies is paramount. Our Eddy Current Separators stand as a hallmark of precision and efficiency, meticulously engineered to extract aluminum and other non-ferrous metals from diverse process streams. Given the higher monetary value of non-ferrous metals, recouping these materials is an integral aspect of many recycling facilities across the globe.

Working Principle:

The foundation of Eddy Current Separation is a straightforward yet powerful concept. At the heart of the equipment lies a magnetic rotor, which can be either permanent or electromagnetic, exhibiting alternating polarity. This rotor spins at a high velocity within a metallic drum. As non-ferrous metals traverse through the alternating magnetic fields generated by the spinning rotor, “eddy currents” are induced within them. As the material stream is conveyed through this magnetic field, the eddy currents act to repel the non-ferrous metals, causing them to jump away from the conveyor, while other materials continue their journey and fall off at the end of the conveyor.

eddy current separator-02


Our Eddy Current Separator has found its utility in a broad spectrum of operations, showcasing its prowess in:

  • Extracting non-ferrous metals from municipal solid waste, which is crucial for both resource recovery and environmental protection.
  • Auto shredding operations, where it aids in the recovery of valuable metals.
  • Glass cullet processing, ensuring the removal of metallic contaminants.
  • Electronic Waste (WEEE) recycling, a critical step for recovering precious metals and ensuring safe disposal of electronic waste.
  • Used Beverage Can (UBC) reclamation, a crucial part of aluminum recycling.


  • Optimized Metal Recovery: The superior design of our Eddy Current Separator maximizes the recovery of valuable non-ferrous metals, ensuring an excellent return on investment.
  • Diverse Application Spectrum: Whether it’s municipal waste or specialized recycling operations like electronic waste recovery, our separator is up to the task.
  • Robust and Reliable: Built to withstand demanding operational conditions, the durability of our Eddy Current Separator ensures a long service life and minimal maintenance needs.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The seamless integration and user-friendly operation contribute to streamlined processes and higher throughput in recycling facilities.

eddy current separator-03

Our Eddy Current Separator is not merely a piece of equipment; it’s a significant investment towards achieving superior separation efficiency, thereby boosting the operational efficacy and profitability of recycling facilities. By leveraging the power of eddy current separation technology, recycling facilities are better positioned to recover valuable materials, contribute to sustainability, and improve their bottom line.


All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.


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