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Advanced Plastic Shredding Machines


Plastic Shredder Machine
Hydraulic motor power4kW4kW5.5kW5.5kW
Knife materialSKD11SKD11SKD11SKD11
Main motor powerΦ400Φ400Φ450Φ500
Rotary diameter(mm)85858070
Rotating speed(rpm/min)400-600600-800800-12001500-2000



In the ever-evolving landscape of waste management, a remarkable breakthrough has been the development of specialized machines tailored for handling plastic waste. Known as shredders, these machines play a pivotal role in the recycling process by converting bulky plastic materials into smaller, manageable pieces.

Decoding the Shredding Process:

The primary function of these shredders is to facilitate the recycling process by breaking down various types of plastic materials into smaller fragments. Equipped with blades crafted from high-quality metal, these machines efficiently cut plastic waste from bottles to larger industrial scraps into fine pieces, preparing them for reprocessing.

The Versatility of Shredding Machines:

Offering a range of models, shredders are designed to meet the specific needs of different recycling operations. Some shredders are versatile enough to handle all types of plastic waste, which makes them invaluable assets for recycling centers looking to streamline their operations.

Building Your Own Shredding Machine: Is It Feasible?

For the DIY enthusiast, constructing a shredder from scratch might seem like an enticing project. However, it’s important to weigh the challenges and complexities involved in building such a machine, as well as the expertise required to ensure its effective operation.

Finding the Right Shredding Machine:

Selecting the appropriate shredding machine involves considering several factors, including the machine’s size, the types of plastic it can process, and the quality of the output material. These criteria are crucial in ensuring that the shredder meets your specific recycling needs.

Common Questions About Shredding Machines:

1. What can I use to shred plastic?

•Plastic shredders are specifically designed to handle various types of plastic materials, from PET bottles to thick acrylic sheets. Ensure the shredder you choose is suitable for the type of plastic you intend to process.

2. Are there shredders specifically for plastic?

•Yes, there are shredders designed exclusively for plastic materials. These shredders are equipped with special blades and motors that are optimized for cutting plastic into small pieces without causing damage to the machine.

3. Can you shred plastic in a shredder?

•Yes, plastic can be shredded in shredders that are specifically made for this purpose. These machines are built to handle the toughness and flexibility of plastic materials, ensuring efficient processing.

4. Can you put plastic in a paper shredder?

•It is not advisable to put plastic in a paper shredder, as paper shredders are not designed to handle the durability and different melting points of plastics. Using plastic in a paper shredder can lead to machine damage and safety hazards.



All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.

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