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Full Automatic Baler Machine 100tons trial run – Video

Baler Machine Features:

  • Fully automatic operation system
  • automatic compressing, strapping, wire cutting and bale ejecting.high efficiency and labour saving.
  • PLC control system
  • realize high degree of automation and high accuracy rate
  • One button operation
  • making the whole working processes continuously, facilitating operation convenience & effiiency
  • Adjustable bale length
  • can meet different bale size/weight requirements
  • Cooling system
  • for cooling down the temperature of hydraulic oil, which protects the machine in high ambient temperature.
  • electric controlled
  • for easy operation, simply by operating on button and switches to fulfill platen moving and bale ejecting
  • Horizontal cutter on feeding mouth
  • for cutting off the excessive material to prevent it from being stuck at the feeding mouth
  • Touch screen
  • for conveniently setting and reading parameters
  • Automatic feeding conveyor (optional)
  • for continuous feeding material, and with the help of sensors and PLC, conveyor will automatically start or stop when the material below or above certain position on hopper. Thus enhances feeding speed and maximize output.

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